Thursday 13 November 2014

The Dharma Punks Launch Photorama!

Above: Ant Sang outside of Heroes For Sale prior to the book launch.

Here's a brief photo gallery of the launch party for The Dharma Punks and our appearance at Auckland Armageddon Expo 2014!

Above: Standing room only at the book launch at Heroes For Sale, K'rd.

Above: Ant getting down to business sketching and signing!

Above: Ant at the Earth's End Publishing booth at Auckland Armageddon 2014.

Above: Ant posing with a Ninja Turtles fan (TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman was a special guest at the Expo).

Above: Oh, and speaking of Kevin Eastman, he did this brief sketch for Ant's notebook! And a big thank you to all the fans who came out to support us at the book launch and Armageddon Expo, much appreciated!

- AK!

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