Friday 21 November 2014

Punks Ride Again: Ant Sang Interviewed

Last weekend Ant discussed the return of The Dharma Punks with writer David Larsen in the New Zealand Herald Canvas magazine. He talks about the life changing personal event that inspired him to write the story, and his approach to self-publishing the original comic series:

"I wanted to up the ante a little. I'd been in the comics scene a number of years by then and I'd kind of seen that New Zealand comics have always struggled with visibility and getting people to pick them up and buy them. I had a number of ideas I wanted to try. I wanted to promote it, in a way New Zealand comics hadn't really been promoted before, and I wanted to improve the production, and get it professionally distributed. It was the biggest thing I'd ever tried, and I wanted people outside the comics world to hear about it."

You can read the full interview HERE at the NZ Herald website.

- AK!

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