Wednesday 29 June 2016

The Terry Teo Trailer is Here!

Here's your first look at the brand new television adaptation of Terry Teo, due to air on TVNZ OnDemand from July 12th!

Written and directed by Gerard Johnstone and produced by Luke Sharpe, the team behind the acclaimed film, Housebound (2014), this new take on this classic kiwi character is updating Terry's adventure for a modern audience.

When it was recent announced that episodes of this new series would be rated PG instead of the expected family friendly G, producer Luke Sharpe was quick to defend their new take on Terry's adventures in a quote to the NZ Herald
: "Yes, some head-butting went on with TVNZ when we delivered the show, but you have to fight for something you believe is great. It is a super-fun action romp and you can't cut the action from an action series. In the end, TVNZ could see it for what it is and we hope New Zealand is really going to dig it."

From our exclusive interview with Gerard Johnstone and Sharpe published in the new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners, Johnstone discussed their approach to the material, and maintaining the balance of adventure and humour that made the original show so appealing. "Between now and [the previous] Terry Teo, I can't think of the last kids' show that had this much action - we've got shootouts, car chases, kung-fu fights, it's very full on", Johnstone explained.

"And you don't want to talk down to kids. My favourite shows from when I was a kid were The A-Team and MacGyver, which weren't made for children. So the idea was to do something that had that same kind of broad appeal. I really don't think of this as a kids' show - it should have something for everyone".

From what we've seen so far, it looks like it's going to be a blast! You can add it to your viewing list at TVNZ OnDemand right now HERE. The new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners is in bookstores now, or can be purchased from our online bookstore HERE.

- AK!

Terry Teo and the Gunrunners TV Tie-in edition

Bob Kerr & Stephen Ballantyne
Paperback, 56 pages, full-colour
ISBN: 9780473330675
Suitable for All Ages
RRP: $24.99


Terry Teo is not your average schoolboy - he's a skateboarding super-sleuth about to embark on his very first adventure!

When he stumbles headfirst into the criminal schemes of the villainous Ray Vegas, Terry finds himself embroiled in a dastardly gun smuggling operation. Along with his karate-chopping sister, Polly, and older brother Ted, Terry must use all his street smarts to avoid Vegas' henchmen, defeat the smugglers, and save the day!


"Great adventures. No iPhones, no internet. I think I even saw a red telephone box in there. Lots of car chases, bad accents, worse jokes...It's going to be popular with young boys."

- John McIntyre, Children's Book Reviewer - Nine to Noon, National Radio

"It’s all jolly good nostalgic fun, with a distinctly kiwi flavour to the illustrations – including the charmingly-named small town Kaupati (say it aloud) with its tiny police station and A&P show. This is truly like travelling back into a time before cellphones, before the internet, into a world where kids get to have the adventures – because the adults are too oblivious or silly to solve the problems themselves. With its fast pace and humour, this graphic novel can now be enjoyed by a new generation, and may especially be embraced by the more reluctant reader."

- Angela Oliver, Booksellers New Zealand Blog

"Bob Kerr’s cartoons are terrific as always and there are lots of little in-house jokes and Kiwi things going on that are smilers when you see one. Stephen Ballantyne’s written text is to the point and captures the whole Kiwi attitude. This book has high appeal for reluctant readers and is certain to win fans at primary and intermediate schools all over again."

- Bob Doherty, Bobs Book Blog