Thursday 26 November 2015

Press Talk: Reviews and Interviews

It's been just over a month since the release of our new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners, and the reviews are starting to roll in! There was a fine review from Angela Oliver over at The NZ Booksellers Blog, describing Terry Teo as, "jolly good nostalgic fun, with a distinctly kiwi flavour". You can read the full review HERE.

Children's and Young Adult book reviewer Bob Docherty also recommended the new edition on his blog, Bob's Books, siting that it has "appeal for reluctant readers and is certain to win fans at primary and intermediate schools all over again". You can read the review HERE.

On National Radio, Terry Teo artist Bob Kerr talked to Wallace Chapman about the return of Terry Teo in print and to the small screen HERE, and John McIntyre from The Children's Bookshop in Wellington also discussed it on his Book Review show HERE.

Ant Sang has also been on the promotion trail of late, to celebrate the release of the US/UK edition of The Dharma Punks. You can listen to Ant discussing his career and the creation of The Dharma Punks on the great indie comics podcast, Inkstuds HERE.

There's also been a bunch on new reviews from: The Peak, Vermicious, and the Comics Alternative podcast reviews it HERE.

But don't take their word for it, head out to your local bookstore (or our online shop) and pick up a copy of these books for yourself and discover what all the fuss is about!

- AK!

Thursday 12 November 2015

Photorama: Earth's End and Terry Teo at Auckland Armageddon Expo 2015!

Above: The Earth's End Publishing team and cartoonist Mat Tait: (from left) Adrian Kinnaird, Damon Keen, Mat Tait and Kelly Sheehan. Photo by Ant Sang.

We launched our new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners at Auckland Armageddon Expo over Labour Weekend to a great public response! We had our authors - Terry Teo co-creator Stephen Ballantyne and The Dharma Punks' Ant Sang signing books, as well as our good friend Mat Tait, promoting his new graphic novel, The Heading Dog Who Split in Half. In addition to the book, we also screened the first trailer of the new Terry Teo TV series, written and directed by Gerard Johnstone (Housebound), from the footage it looks to capture the humour and adventure of the original, while giving the material a contemporary update.

Here's some photos from the event (click on the photos for larger viewing):

Above: The Earth's End Publishing booth at Auckland Armageddon Expo, just prior to opening.

Above: Terry Teo co-creator Stephen Ballantyne.

Above: Adrian Kinnaird with Kelly Sheehan and Terry Teo co-creator Stephen Ballantyne.

Above: Mat Tait (The Heading Dog Who Split in Half) and Ant Sang (The Dharma Punks).

Above: Mat Tait signing copies of The Heading Dog Who Split in Half for punters. Photo by Ant Sang.

Above: Damon Keen signing a copy of High Water. Photo by Ant Sang.

Above: Mat Tait and Faction's Damon Keen. Photo by Ant Sang.

If you missed us at the Armageddon Expo, copies of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners are available now from all good booksellers for $24.99, or you can purchase it online from our website store HERE.

- AK!

Monday 19 October 2015

Earth's End at Auckland Armageddon Expo 2015!

Above: The cover for the new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners by Bob Kerr & Stephen Ballantyne.

Earth's End is back at Auckland Armageddon Expo this Labour Weekend, with a great selection of the finest NZ comics and graphic novels - and a few surprises too!

First up, we're proud to present our latest publication: a special edition of the classic kiwi kids graphic novel, Terry Teo and the Gunrunners by Bob Kerr & Stephen Ballantyne. Newly remastered from the original artwork archived at the National Library of New Zealand, this 1980s adventure is now more vibrant and action-packed than ever before! This edition also features an in-depth history of this icon character, from graphic novel to television screens - Adrian Kinnaird charts the legacy of Terry Teo. With brand new interviews and insights from co-creators Kerr & Ballantyne, veteran TV director Chris Bailey and producer Logan Brewer, and the team behind the upcoming new TV series Terry Teo, writer/director Gerard Johnstone and producer Luke Sharpe. It will be available all weekend for $24.99.

Above: The Heading Dog Who Split In Half  by Michael Brown & Mat Tait.

In association with Potton & Burton Publishing, we will be hosting cartoonist Mat Tait, on hand to sign copies of his new graphic novel with Michael Brown, The Heading Dog Who Split In Half: Legends and Tall Tales From New Zealand. This gorgeous over-sized paperback collection adapts some of New Zealand's rich folklore and weirdest tall tales into comics form. A place of phantom waka, ruined castles, romantic escapades in the early whaling days, magical sheepdogs, gargantuan crayfish and more are all captured in Tait's densely detailed and atmospheric artwork. This is must-have for every local comic collection! Mat Tait will be signing on Saturday, and the collection retails for $39.99.

Ant Sang will also be in attendance on Saturday to sign copies of his landmark graphic novel, The Dharma Punks. If you have yet to pick up a copy and find out what all the fuss is about, now is your chance to get a signed copy and meet the author himself! We will also have the latest from Faction Comics, including the recent collection of climate change themed comics, High Water, featuring: Damon Keen, Katie O'Neil, Sarah Laing, Toby Morris and more!

Above:  The cast of the new Terry Teo TV series. From right: Kahn West as Terry Teo, Drew Brice Ford as Caleb, Hanna Tevita as Polly, and Manon Blackman as Penelope Butterworth. Copyright Semi-Professional Pictures 2015.

And in an Armageddon Expo exclusive, if you stop by our booth you can view the very first footage of the new Terry Teo TV series, coming this summer to TV2! So make sure you see it here first!

The Auckland Armageddon Expo will be held this Labour Weekend, Friday October 23rd - Monday October 26th at the ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane. The Earth's End booth is located in Pavilion #2, Booth #88 just opposite the international comics guests. You can visit the Armageddon Expo website HERE for more details, and buy tickets HERE. We look forward to seeing you there!

- AK!

Saturday 3 October 2015

Terry Teo's Life of Crime?

Above: Kahn West and Terry Teo at the scene of a crime. Copyright Semi-Professional Pictures 2015.

In today's Sunday Star Times, Eleanor Black takes a look at the new, slightly grittier changes made to the Terry Teo characters in the upcoming TV series set to screen on TV2.

In the new series, Terry is a potential gang prospect, his policeman father has been killed, and his mother is now a petty criminal. Despite his troubled family life, Terry still overcomes these setbacks to fight crime and hopefully solve his father's murder.  Co-creator Stephen Ballantyne, Dylan Horrocks and myself chime in with our thoughts on the changes, and what makes the original graphic novel so appealing.

You can read the article online HERE.

- AK!

Friday 25 September 2015

Retro Weekend Viewing: Terry and the Gunrunners Episode 2!

Above: Former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon as secret government spy boss, Arnos Groove.

Leading up to the release of the new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners, we're taking a second look at the classic 1980s TV adaptation! 

In the second episode, Ray Vegas - and his villainous sidekicks Curly and Blue - are hunting for - and ultimately capture Terry! Terry’s brother Ted and sister Polly are in hot pursuit, ending up in Kaupati - possibly the most Kiwi holiday park ever. Meanwhile, more information emerges about the mysterious government agents, Thompson and Crouch, as they report to their boss Arnos Grove (none other than real life former Prime Minister Sir Robert Muldoon).

Above: The bumbling secret agents, Thompson and Crouch, played by David Letch and Stephen Tozer).

Thanks to NZ On Screen you can view the full episode of Terry and the Gunrunners Episode Two HERE.

- AK!

The Proof Copies Have Arrived!

Above: Pictures of the first proofed copies of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners.

The first proofed copies of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners are back from the printers - and they look beautiful! 

In just under six weeks the rest of the copies will arrive and be distributed to a bookstore near you. We may have some special announcements coming soon regarding a Launch Party and other Terry related events - as well as an update on the new TV series, so stay tuned!

- AK!

Friday 18 September 2015

Retro Weekend Viewing: Terry and the Gunrunners Episode 1!

Above: The cast of Terry and the Gunrunners (1985), from left: Adrian Bell as Terry, Phillip Gordon as Ted, and Jennifer Duke as Polly.

Leading up to the release of the new edition of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners, now seems like the perfect timing to catch-up on the classic 1980s TV adaptation! 

Starring Adrian Bell as Terry Teo, Jennifer Duke as his karate-chopping sister Polly, with former ‘Goon’ member Michael Bentine as the villainous Ray Vegas, and Billy T James as Spud, the humorously philosophical leader of the biker ‘Gang of Forty’ - the series was shot around Auckland in 1985 and aired in April 1986, and in short order Terry Teo became an eighties kiwi icon.

Above: Terry and the Gunrunners featured on the cover of The NZ Listener, April 1986.

Directed with creative flair by Chris Bailey (Under the Mountain, Street Legal), this six part series was adapted by co-creator Steve Ballantyne and follows the plot of the graphic novel closely, with some additional surprises thrown in along the way!

In this first episode, Terry skates down the wrong driveway and accidentally finds himself face to face with Ray Vagas, his thugs Curly and Blue, and their illegal arsenal of weapons!

Thanks to NZ On Screen you can now revisit as six episodes online! View Terry and the Gunrunners Episode One HERE.

- AK!

Saturday 15 August 2015

Terry Teo Returns!

Revealing the return of a classic kiwi icon, and a tie-in edition to the new TV series Terry Teo, to air soon on TVNZ!

Earth’s End Publishing is proud to announce the return of the classic kiwi kids graphic novel, Terry Teo and the Gunrunners by Stephen Ballantyne & Bob Kerr, to be published on the 6th of November 2015.

Originally released in 1982 as Terry and the Gunrunners, this distinctly local take on the Tintin graphic novel format was an instant hit with children across the nation. The popularity of the book made Terry an instantly iconic kiwi character – inspiring two sequels, and the much loved television adaptation, Terry and the Gunrunners (1985), starring Adrian Bell, Michael Bentine and Billy T. James.

This new edition has been digitally remastered and restored from the original artwork and archives, allowing readers to experience Terry’s first adventure in vibrant watercolour – capturing all of the detail and delights of this action-packed, family favourite adventure!

Above: Remastered artwork by Bob Kerr from Terry Teo and the Gunrunners.

There is also an exclusive behind the scenes look at the history of this kiwi icon, and the brand new TV series, Terry Teo (2015). Due to air soon on TVNZ, the new series is produced by Gerard Johnstone and Luke Sharp, the team behind the recent hit movie Housebound (2014). Starring Kahn West as Terry Teo, Kimberley Crossman and Michael Hurst, the series is produced by Semi-Professional Pictures.

Above: A first look at the new Terry Teo TV series cast. From right: Kahn West as Terry Teo, Drew Brice Ford as Caleb, Hanna Tevita as Polly, and Manon Blackman as Penelope Butterworth. Copyright Semi-Professional Pictures 2015.

The continued interest in this classic character came as a pleasant surprise to Terry Teo artist and co-creator Bob Kerr. “We weren't thinking about any of this when we started. We were probably rather na├»ve. We just wanted to create a story featuring some local kids having a ripping adventure with heaps of laughs along the way, and somehow that connected with readers. Steve and I are delighted that Terry has been remembered, and that 30 odd years later he is having another outing both in print and on the telly”.

Above: Remastered artwork by Bob Kerr from Terry Teo and the Gunrunners.


Terry Teo is not your average schoolboy - he's a skateboarding super-sleuth about to embark on his very first adventure!

When he stumbles headfirst into the criminal schemes of the villainous Ray Vegas, Terry finds himself embroiled in a dastardly gun smuggling operation. Along with his karate-chopping sister, Polly, and older brother Ted, Terry must use all his street smarts to avoid Vegas' henchmen, defeat the smugglers, and save the day!

Ordering Information:

Copies of Terry Teo and the Gunrunners are now available for order from Earths End Publishing. Email: do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or require further information. You can also follow us on Twitter: @EarthsEndComics and Facebook: www.facebook/EarthsEndPublishing.

Publishing Details:
Terry Teo and the Gunrunners
Bob Kerr & Stephen Ballantyne
Trade paperback 260mmx210mm
56 pages, full-colour
RRP: $24.99
Release date: 6th November 2015
ISBN - 978-0-473-33067-5

Be sure to check back here soon for further updates and exclusive preview material!

- Adrian Kinnaird
Editorial Director

Saturday 13 June 2015

The Dharma Punks now available on ComiXology!

You can now purchase the individual e-book issues of The Dharma Punks through digital comics distribution giant ComiXology!

As a small press publisher still growing our modest print distribution network, we're super excited to be working with ComiXology to make Ant Sang's landmark series The Dharma Punks available to a wider international audience via digital distribution. The first issue is just $0.99 cents US, with the additional seven issues now available for only $1.99 each! :

The Dharma Punks #1: Auckland,1994: a group of anarchists conspire to sabotage the opening of a multi-national fast-food restaurant by blowing it sky high - and Buddhist punk Chopstick has volunteered for the mission! The original New Zealand cult classic series, written and drawn by Ant Sang. 42 pages, $0.99.

The Dharma Punks #2: Chopstick and Tracy head into the city, but are soon separated as the night's events begin to unravel, and Chopstick makes a detour that will lead to an unexpected encounter. 45 pages, $1.99.

The Dharma Punks #3: On his journey through the night, Chopstick meets the mysterious Mewt - a lone figure poised on the edge of Grafton Bridge. Has he arrived just in time to save her, or is she there to save him? Meanwhile a street gang of skinheads is hot on their trail... 44 pages, $1.99.

The Dharma Punks #4:
Cat and Bogus set their plans in motion at Bobo's restaurant, while Tracy searches in vain for Chopstick. Meanwhile we look back to the formation of their band, 'The Filth', and meet the girl who set their world ablaze. 43 pages, $1.99.
The Dharma Punks #5: Attending a punk gig brings out a different side of Chopstick, as Mewt guides him deeper into the night. Meanwhile, Tracy finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place: a gang of vengeful skinheads and the unpredictable Jugga. 50 pages, $1.99.

The Dharma Punks #6: A midnight swim brings about a revelation for Chopstick, as repressed memories and feelings rise to the surface. The skinheads make their move, and Tracy's fate hangs in the balance! Oversized issue - 70 pages, $1.99.

The Dharma Punks #7: Double-sized penultimate issue! Chopstick faces his grief and reconciles with the death of his friend, re-emerging into the world to complete his mission...but is he already to late to save Tracy?

The Dharma Punks #8: The day of the grand opening of Bobo's restaurant has arrived. After his ordeal, did Chopstick complete his mission? Will he ultimately find the peace of mind he's been searching for? All will be revealed in the final chapter of Ant Sang's cult classic series!

Download the series now, and if you enjoy it, leave a review and rating!

- AK!

Wednesday 4 March 2015

The Dharma Punks goes international with US/UK and French editions!

After a hugely successful launch in New Zealand last October, Ant Sang's The Dharma Punks has been in high demand - flying off shelves locally and attracting international attention and demand for it to be more widely available. Here at Earth's End we are very pleased to announce that thanks to the Nicolas Grivel Agency the foreign rights for North America/UK and French editions of The Dharma Punks have been secured.

Conundrum Press International have announced they will release The Dharma Punks in North America and the UK in trade paperback in September 2015 for $25 US. For more information you can read their official press release HERE.

We can also reveal the international rights for a French language edition have been secured by Presque Lune, a fine French publishing house whose website you can visit HERE. Currently in production, a release date has yet to be confirmed.

Ant Sang recently returned from attending the Taipei International Book Fair, where he was also taking part in a graphic novelist residential exchange between Taiwan and New Zealand. The opportunity for his work to be widely available to an international audience means a great deal to Sang, "I'm really excited about the upcoming release in the US, UK and France. Since the Kickstarter campaign, things have happened surprisingly quickly - and it's great Dharma Punks is reaching an international audience after all these years."

Both editions will also feature a new introduction from Dylan Horrocks, author of the recent internationally acclaimed graphic novel, Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen.

Stay tuned for more news and forthcoming announcements from Earth's End Publishing, in the coming weeks.

- Adrian Kinnaird

Editorial Director/Co-publisher
Earth's End Publishing

Friday 27 February 2015

Try The Dharma Punks for FREE!

If you have yet to read Ant Sang's epic graphic novel The Dharma Punks, now is your chance to sample it for free! The complete first chapter is now available as a digital download in PDF or CBZ format. Try it out today and discover why critics are heralding this collection as one of New Zealand's most acclaimed graphic novels!

"A questing black and white religious/political/sociological/philosophical epic...the series is one of the landmarks of contemporary New Zealand comics.”
-David Larsen, Canvas Magazine, NZ Weekend Herald

“Sang uses Indian ink to dramatic effect. Rain pours down like comets, explosions are raw and immediate, car chases whirl up a dervish of brushstroked lines...attention is rewarded, as the story shifts through layers of action and philosophy, exploring the pain and numbness of human experience after the death of a loved one.”
-Sarah Laing, New Zealand Listener

- AK!