Thursday 14 July 2016

What's the Deal, TVNZ? Terry Teo Could be a Hit

Above: Kahn West as Terry Teo.

In today's NZ Herald, entertainment columnist Karl Puschmann reviews the new Terry Teo TV series - streaming now on TVNZ Ondemand - and found a lot to like, "Terry Teo is an effortless reboot that's perfectly pitched for its modern audience and the old-school fans. It pulls off the neat trick of managing to be both familiar and new. It's a winner."

He continues, "Terry Teo is snappy, lively and filled with good-natured humour and zing that only occasionally rubs up awkwardly against the seriousness of its premise. The script's great, it's superbly cast and, best of all, it has proper car chases. Despite its modernity it retains that real 80s kidult action feel."

But he also poses the question, if the show's this good, why isn't TVNZ airing it? "...if I had a locally produced show of this calibre, with a positive and charismatic young Polynesian hero in the lead and a great multi-ethnic cast, I'd change whatever plans I had and get this thing on air sharpish." 

TVNZ has publicly stated that they plan to air the TV series at a later date, at an appropriate time slot to better accommodate the PG rating of some of the episodes.

You can check out the full review HERE.

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